Thing 20: Professional and Social Networks

I am a member of LinkedIn.  Due to my stage in Life near retirement the site might not be as useful  as if I was an new graduate starting on my career. I think it provides opportunities for people starting out or in mid career. I have not been able to connect with many people professionally. It think my age and the fact that much of my experience is now outdated.

Thing 19 Altmetrics

A high Altmetrics score is just an estimation of how wide is the impact of the article.  It does not measure the quality of the article.  A lot of Twitter mentions indicate that the article has had high impact in the public domain.  However it must be understood that tweets from researchers who are unconnected to the paper will count for less than those from Scientists, editors etc connected with the paper.  The mention scores have to be understood by Geographical breakdown and Demographic breakdown, i.e.  Where the mention came from  and who mentioned it.

Thing 17 Geolocation….

The App that I use a lot is the GPS Google Maps whenever I don’t know where a place is located and how to get there, usually in the car.   It provides the map of where the place is as well as directions both in written and audio format. You can place your mobile phone beside you in the car set your destination and the phone will give audio directions  on how to get there whilst you are driving. Very cool